Go your own way, Den eigenen Weg gehen in Kurrentscript
change,  create your life

Redirection – a need for change

In the last weeks (or months to be honest) I noticed I want to change my art. Eventhough I like my paintings it felt like there was something missing. What did I want to say with my paintings? I didn’t know. Phew! Yes, Kurrentscript is the link in all of the pieces. And also I don’t think every piece of art needs to have a deep message. Being beautiful and pleasing to the eye is a value in itself.

But still I felt kind of lost and without orientation. That was a painful finding and also a bit embarrassing. But! The great thing is if you know about it you can change it, right? 

Obviously I needed an intention of what my art should express.

A clear inner focus or compass. That would make it easier for me to create art and also to talk about it.

So I asked myself what this could be. Something that is not only important to me but valuable for other people as well.

At the end what emerged from intense and honest thoughtwork was the topic of ‘going your own way’. Creating your own life. Finding out what is important to you. Making your own choices based on your values. Living a self-determined life.

I imagine my art being an anchor to remind you on your goals, dreams and values.

On how you want to live your life and what choices you want to make. An anchor in everyday life with its many distractions to support you creating the life you want for yourself.

I hope the pieces will be an inspiration to think about what your goals, dreams and values in life could be if you’re not sure yet. If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know why. If you feel like you want to change something but don’t exactly know what. I hope my prints can be a part of your very personal journey of finding out what is important to you in life and eventually creating just that for you. 

So from now on the topic of ‘going your own way’ will be the red thread in my paintings (you will find them as fine art prints in the shop) and on this blog. I hope you will not only enjoy the pieces visually (which I also highly appreciate) but maybe also feel encouraged to discover and create your own way through life.

Cheers to you!


„Change“ – „Veränderung“ in Kurrent script

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