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Hi and welcome!

So nice to have you here 🙂

This place is all about going your own way. A topic that is very dear to my heart. Living a self-determined life is very important to me personally. And I am also interested in how other people live their lives. What is important to them? What drives them, what are their values?

Yes, I’m talking to you!

What are your dreams, your goals?

Do you know?

Very personal questions, I know. Inspiring and yet sometimes not easy to answer. They can bring up a lot of stuff and it can even be scary or overwhelming to think about them.

Nevertheless I think it is so worth it!

Pondering on those topics can help us living our lives intentionally. Being more satisfied. Feeling fulfilled. Meaningful even!

However it can be challenging. Maybe we don’t have a clue about our dreams. Maybe we feel stuck and don’t know why. Maybe we perfectly know what our goals are but it’s hard to stick to them!

There is everyday life with its many distractions and demands.  

This is why I create art. I want to support you creating the life you wish for yourself. I imagine my pieces being an anchor piercing through everyday life reminding you on your dreams and values and goals every time you look at them. Encouraging you finding out what those dreams could be. Cheering you when it gets hard. All of it in the most friendly way (no bootcamp-style here! There is already enough pressure out there).

Find blog posts dealing with the various forms of challenges and own experiences when it comes to the topic of “going your own way”. ‘Cause I do this alongside with you!

For encouraging and inspiring fine art prints take a look at the shop.

You can be so proud of yourself that you are creating a life according to your very own values. Chapeau!

The biggest cheers to you!


PS: Whenever you want to get in touch don’t hesitate to reach out at

PPS: The script I use to create the fine art prints is called “Kurrentscript”. A script that was written from ~ 1700 until 1942 in the German-speaking regions. Don’t worry! You don’t need to know how to read or write this script to enjoy it here! There will always be a translation or accompanying text.    

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