Snowdrop – Schneeglöckchen

55,00  inkl. USt

Size: 45 x 60 cm


The letters are written in Kurrent script (aka German cursive) and read “Schneeglöckchen” – “Snowdrop”.

Capital letter on the left:     “S”

Top line:                                 “chnee”

Middle line:                            “glo:c”

Bottom line:                            “kchen”

The word is splitted to make it fit into a square form.

The original piece is all written and drawn by hand. A computer was only used to digitise the original piece, slighty evening out the capital “S” and make it available as a fine art print.

„Snowdrop“ comes printed on high-quality structured Hahnemühle paper to provide you not only a visual but also an enjoyable haptic experience as it is also originally drawn on structured paper.

Ordering and shipping Germany-wide. International shipping is planned – I will let you know immediately!


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45 x 60 cm