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Challenges in going and finding your own way in life – Part I 

When it comes to finding our own path in life, there are one or two challenges that we might come across. We might feel the urge to change something, to give our life a new direction. But somehow we don’t know where to start. We might be inspired to define our goals and desires but life gets in the way. How do we stay on track?

Today I would like to talk about these kind of difficulties which I experience(d) myself and I know also other people face. You might as well experience something else. This is what I am interested in. What challenges are you facing? 

My art is dedicated to support you in living the life you wish for yourself, so knowing about your challenges is valuable information to create truly helpful pieces. 

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But I don’t want to leave you with a list of challenges without some words of encouragement. So you’ll also find approaches that help me moving on and maybe they’ll inspire you, too.

To keep it accessible this blog post is split in two parts. Here, in part one, you find five challenges. Part two deals with another three. They are listed in no particular order.  

Let’s start!

1. You feel somewhat stuck but don’t know why 

Try to find out what it is that bothers you. Where does the ick come from? Is it something about work or private? Are you missing something or is there something too much of? Any glimpse of an idea is a great place to start from. Dive deeper from there! And give yourself time to figure things out. Sometimes it can mean circling around something until you get a hold of it.

2. You want to move on but have no idea in which direction

Without thinking about it for too long: if you had one wish – anything – what would it be? Try to grab that first impulse, it usually points in the right direction. Even if it is more of a vague feeling than a clear answer – again, this is a great place to start from! Follow that direction, try out different things, dive a little deeper, evaluate if it was a fit for you and then take the next step.

3. You have a goal but it’s hard to stay on track

Oh dear, yes, it is. Life happens all the time and sometimes has different ideas for ourselves than we have. But it’s never too late to get back on track, never. Every day and I also think almost any given moment there is the possibility of change. You chose your goal for a reason. If it’s still valid: quit the all-or-nothing and why-even-bother thoughts! Stop scrolling the socials and take the very next step towards your goal. Add a healthy component to your meal. Do that workout now. Take the very much needed break now without guilt. Whatever it is, take that next step now. And most important: stop beating yourself up for getting off track. What matters is getting back on it. Again and again. Don’t torture yourself, please! You’ve got this! 🙂

4. You don’t have time to think about your goals and desires 

Don’t worry. You don’t have to sit still at your desk for hours. Progress can be made by carving out 10 minutes a day. You can think about it while you’re waiting for the bus / at the doctor’s / … . And my experience is, if these are burning questions you’ll think about them all of the time anyway 🙂

5. You are too tired to think about your goals and desires

Then take a break as soon as possible! I really mean it. Please take care and don’t work yourself into burnout. And again, if the topic is important to you, take the time you can make and start small.

These are five challenges that can get in the way when it comes to going our own way in life. Do they sound familiar to you?

Head over to part two to read about three more challenges that might prevent us from moving towards our goals and desires. 

Cheering you all the way!


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