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Finding your inspiration – not only for artists!

Inspiration! Mmmmh (*closes eyes, takes a deep breath, enruptured smile on face*) Inspiration is for true poets only, right? This is my picture of the term “inspiration”. A poet sitting there thinking, waiting, until finally the muse wafts down from the heavens, looking like a greek goddess, kissing the poet who then creates the masterpiece. Can you relate? 


I am not a poet, so no greek goddess coming around here. Too bad! I’d really like to meet one. 

I have no idea why I – and maybe you as well – have this belief that inspiration is for certain people only. And probably not for people who maybe even wouldn’t describe themselves as “creative” (what does that even mean?).

This is really a pity as I think everybody is inspired by something and we all benefit from finding inspiration in our lives. And it doesn’t have at all be related to the arts.

But before we head off to the journey on discovering what inspires us – why is inspiration something to consider in the first place?

Why looking for inspiration?

To me inspiration and happiness are closely related. When I feel inspired I also feel happy. Life feels exciting, vibrant and bold. Experiencing these kind of feelings more often is already reason enough for me. 

But there is even more to it.

Knowing what it is that inspires me and having these sources of inspiration around makes it much easier to go after my dreams. Because when I feel happy and excited I am less afraid. Less afraid of judgement and of not being good enough to reach my goal. 

How great is that! Shouldn’t we use this to our favours? Honestly, if for example a certain kind of interior aesthetics empowers me to take the next step and get closer to my dream life, I want every little piece of my surroundings to be a match to this style. 

And why not? It would be a waste to not use this potential. 

It is like kind of an upward spiral: You feel more joy in life because you have your individual sources of inspiration right around you. That gives you energy and zest to work on your goals. The more steps you take towards your goal the more real it becomes. Which makes it more likely that you’ll keep going.  

Isn’t that mind-blowing? I’m thrilled. Inspiration is the perfect catalyst.

It can lead the way to find out what is important for you in life.

It can reveal your dreams.

It definitely helps to keep me excited and curious about life.

Because this is what living life on your own terms is to me: Exciting. 

What could be a greater adventure?

And I think it doesn’t make any difference if this means renovating the house of your dreams, starting a family, working in your dream job or travelling the world. Or maybe all of it. 

So even if you maybe wouldn’t consider yourself as “arty” or “creative” I think we all benefit from inspiration as it makes life so much more colourful and exciting. And for sure everyone of us has some sort of inspiration.

How to find inspiration

So if you’re feeling stuck, bored or restless why not go on an inspiration hunt? Keep your eyes open and search for those things that give you thrills. Big and small. Don’t be afraid of being nerdy! 

It is fun, creates happiness and opens ourselves up to life. 

And though not all of it might bring you closer to your goals right away or lead to a “productive” outcome taking the next step to your goal is so much easier from a happy stage I think. And I’m pretty sure that enjoying life is something a lot of us strive for in some sort of way. So why not start enjoying it now? 

If you don’t know what could be inspiring for you here are some of my personal sources of inspiration (in no particular order): 

  • layout and composition of pretty much anything: (book)covers, bottle labels, posters, websites, pictures, you name it
  • colours, colour palettes
  • nature (the sky, landscapes, gardens, plants)
  • art, esp. folk art
  • letters, scripts, typography    
  • architecture
  • interior design
  • mechanical instruments
  • craftsmanship
  • history
  • old-fashioned analogue office filing systems 
  • libraries
  • Agatha Christie-like crime stories: no splatter-like violence just evidance-based good old investigative work
  • stories of / conversations with people who live(d) life on their own terms and go (went) after their dreams

There are more!

What might be interesting is that I was able to learn to value the great potential of inspiration coming from material goods and products. I used to push that aside not allowing myself to find joy in those things because I was afraid of being superficial. When in fact it left me feeling grey, tight and sad. Giving myself permission to feel and enjoy the excitement and happiness that comes from looking at a beautiful book cover or a piece of fashion was – and still is – a very conscious and cautious journey. 

Enjoying fashion is especially challenging to me as nothing seems to be more superficial. Which is of course not true. Secretly I enjoy fashion a lot but it’s hard for me to acknowledge that and not feeling bad about it. 

Well, it’s a process and I think I haven’t turned more superficial since allowing myself to enjoy material things (at least not that I’m aware, but who knows 🙂 And is it even important?). But what I indeed noticed is that I’m happier on a general level. I feel more joy, life feels more exciting and colourful, even adventurous and it is great!     

Also the more attention I pay to when this glimpse of joy arises the bigger the joy becomes. And the more I know what it actually is that brings me joy and inspires me the more of those things or situations I recognise in everyday life. 

So what is it that inspires you? Sources are infinite – let’s go!  

Cheers to you,


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